Moontown Associates have the opportunity to gain real world, hands-on opportunities solving critical environmental, social and economic challenges. All of our programs incorporate innovative approaches to help our Associates internalize the fundamentals of leadership development, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social impact media.

The SWITCH Project is a green career training program designed to prepare at-risk young adults (ages 18-26) for entry-level positions in the emerging fields of energy conservation and management, and renewable energy production, and distribution.

The program offers a cost-effective way to increase residential energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through door-to-door community engagement, and community-based energy conservation programs.


Interview of a Shrimp Fisherman

Storm Surge is a social impact media project featuring a documentary film, educational curricula, and a speakers bureau designed to educate youth on strategies and tactics to adapt to climate change and build disaster resilient households, schools, and communities.

The project follows the lives of ordinary individuals who take extraordinary actions to help their communities survive, rebuild, and recovery in the aftermath of the deadliest and most destructive disasters in U.S. history.


Associates participating in the YES Program (Young Ecopreneurs in Sustainability) are tasked with researching complex topics related to energy conservation and energy management, and renewable energy system production and design.

Our Associates are then challenged to develop innovative technologies, designs, or plans to affect large-scale end-user adoption.




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