At Moontown, we like to say that social innovation and evolution can happen faster than you think because we’ve seen it first-hand.

Individuals we’ve supported or programs we have started have emerged quickly to shift community behavior, affect legislation, and grab headline attention. But we also know there are ways, behind the scenes, to make things go even faster.

The right combination of resilient communities, collaboration, with innovative strategies can accelerate the rate of social change and yield transformative results. So those three areas are where we focus our efforts.

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When people with a shared purpose come together to act collectively, they can literally change the world.

Moontown helps accelerate that process through our Resilient Communities program, which supports young leaders who have the passion for making change, the knack for bringing people together in action, and the capacity for building effective teams and organizations. Using a combination of coaching and experiential educational and real-world learning activities, we help them help their communities achieve near-term impact and build longstanding power.

The Resilient Communities team works with organizations at various stages of development, from nascent idea to established entity. But wherever they start, Moontown helps them grow bigger, stronger, and (of course) faster.

The groups Moontown works with recognize that most challenges their communities face are too big to fight alone.

Truly remaking the world requires multiple resilient communities working in concert. But in the midst of running campaigns, building systems, recruiting staff, and responding to the nonstop news cycle, collaboration can be easier to preach than practice.

Moontown helps overcome these obstacles by bringing together groups from across the field to share information, identify best practices, test innovations, and work together to win campaigns that could never be won alone. Through collaboration, groups not only gain near-term allies and ideas, they also build long-lasting ties that help them engage more people in deeper ways.

Moontown Fellows lead grassroots effort to promote energy and water conservation during the White Center Energy and Prosperity Project.

Moontown Fellows lead grassroots effort to promote energy and water conservation during the White Center Energy and Prosperity Project.

Whether it means re-thinking a time-tested idea and adapting it to a new environment or developing a new tool, Moontown recognizes the need to experiment and evolve our social change strategies.

To make this possible, Moontown provides Innovation Fellowships for individuals with projects to pilot. At Moontown, Fellows work in concert with top-notch organizers, technologists, and artists to shape their ideas and maximize impact. At the same time, they help build the movement by sharing their findings across the field.

The leaders Moontown supports are social change pioneers – they are identifying gaps in their fields, charting new courses, building and testing new tools and tactics, and learning and sharing valuable lessons in the process. That’s innovation, and its core to our DNA.

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