Consulting – Moontown helps non-profits, businesses and public service organizations achieve economic, environmental and social value through sustainability. We apply our insights and know-how to help clients achieve and sustain high performance triple bottom-line solutions.

We turn theory into thought, thought into action, and action into results.

Innovation Workshops – Moontown provides social innovation training and strategic planning workshops and seminars to non-profits, government agencies and small business enterprises. Moontown will deliver best practice knowledge combined with practical tools and applied problem-solving techniques.

Providing more than simple “Brainstorming” sessions, Moontown’s highly interactive workshops focus on participants’ specific needs and create preliminary solutions to high-priority workforce development, sustainability issues and opportunities.

Research & Insights – What are the key drivers for successful green workforce development, energy conservation, and program capacity building?  Moontown is committed to uncovering the key ingredients to help our clients become high-performance sustainability practitioners.  We work not with one client, but with multiple industries.

We work not on increasing efficiency in one community or one utility but in showing others how to increase and expand energy efficiency and workforce development initiatives. Research allows us to express information in an innovative way, through free online tools, books, videos, and whitepapers.

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