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Oso Strong

SR 530 Landslide

Debris Pile

Moontown Foundation Founder, Stacy Noland, provides photo documentation training to disaster response volunteer.

In March 2014, we volunteered to photo document the SR 530 landslide disaster response effort in Oso, Washington.

We spent 6-days on the frontlines of the slide, 6-days that felt like 6-years. Here, in our own backyard, as in the rest of the country, we experienced humanity at its very best, amid some of the worst circumstances imaginable.

In Oso we saw world-class crisis leadership practiced at its finest. We witnessed the unwavering courage of rescue canines and the self-sacrificing bravery of local volunteers. We ventured through the mudslide debris pile, a thick, primordial soup of mud, shattered homes, uprooted trees, leaking propane tanks and managled vehicles in search of missing people and pets. We stood quietly at attention and watched a grandfather identify the remains his 4-month old grandchild; a moment forever seared into our collective memories.